All About RMP


Meet Ashley!

Ashley grew up in West Chicago with two brothers and a sister, a love for softball and photography, and a desire to one day own her own business! She received her Bachelor's Degree from NIU in 2009, majoring in Marketing and Communications with a minor in Art Design. Her love of photography and all things creative led her to finally start her own business in May 2015, Red Maple Photography. Because of her amazing clients that have all quickly become close friends, she was able to leave her job in July 2016 to stay at home with her babies and pursue her dream! She married her husband and best friend Don, in 2011, and together they have Cole, Tyler, and Weston!

Ashley loves antiquing, interior design, eating at adorable little breakfast diners, visiting her family in Sterling, and all things outdoors! And of course, spending time with all her favorite guys at home!


The 'Red Maple' Story

When Ashley was searching for a name for her business, it didn't take her long to know she wanted to name it after her Grandpa Perry "Red" Maple. He was just the best and made such an impact on every single person he met. He had the kindest soul, was the most loving husband, father, and grandpa, had a work ethic like no other, and always made time to stop and help others. Always! Which is how he ended up watching the Cardinals win the World Series in 2006, after missing part of a regular season game to help a stranded motorist (that happened to have season tickets) when their car broke down. And fun!! Look at this photo of him, on his way to cannonball into the pool with his grandkids at almost 80 years old!! Oh the stories I could tell. With a nickname of "Red" and a last name of Maple, Red Maple Photography was born! 


Why Lifestyle!?

It's hard to put into words how much I love lifestyle photography. While all of my outdoor sessions definitely have a lifestyle feel, capturing all the belly laughs and all the love, in-home lifestyle sessions are like no other. They document the most amazing, raw, beautiful little moments in your home. The place where you love your babies every single day and make precious memories for them that will last forever. These sessions are wonderful for young children especially because they are in a warm familiar place to have their big little personalities perfectly captured. These are the photos you want to fill your home with and the photos your children are going to look back on years from now that will bring them right back to such a magical time.



* Shoot & Share 2017 "Top 100-People Portrait" 

* Shoot & Share 2017 "Top 100-Babies & Toddlers" 

* Shoot & Share 2017 "Top 100 Maternity" 

* Shoot & Share 2017 "Finalist-Newborn" 

* Shoot & Share 2017 "Finalist-Newborn" 

* Shoot & Share 2017 "Finalist-Newborn" 


* Shoot & Share 2017- 11 Top 10% Photos

* Shoot & Share 2017- 11 Top 20% Photos

* Shoot & Share 2017- 16 Top 30% Photos

Shoot & Share Worldwide Photography Competition

In 2017, RMP entered 50 photos into the largest and most popular photography competition in the industry. A competition where the photographer remains anonymous and photos cycle through 12 rounds, only by obtaining votes from fellow photographers and fans from around the globe. Last year 150k photographers submitted 330,116 images, from 159 different countries and above are the awards RMP received. It was such an amazing experience and truly an honor to have RMP's photos loved so much! 

The 2018 contest is wrapping up here in early March and Ashley cannot wait to find out the results for her photos and all of her fellow photographers from the area as well!